The 10th Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival and The 2nd International Conference on Deaf Cinema

Date: 2020-10-02 - 2020-10-11

Ten years ago, we started Asia's first International Deaf Film Festival, bringing new cinematic experience to Hong Kong. Over the years, we have continuously assembled Deaf Films all over the world. We attempt to present sign language and Deaf culture through films that tell stories of the Deaf and created by Deaf people. We do not see Deaf as disable, but affirm that Deaf people has their own language, culture and history.

A decade has pasted. It is time for us to review and further explore the meaning and issues of Deaf films. The 2nd International Conference on Deaf Cinema will be held concurrently with the Film Festival. Local and overseas Deaf Film Festival organizers, film workers, Deaf groups and activists will be invited to discuss and share together. 

Download e-house programme:

Co-presenters: The Hong Kong Association of the Deaf, Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society, Hong Kong Arts Centre, School of Creative Media – City University of Hong Kong, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences – City University of Hong Kong

Partner: Centre for Community Cultural Development

Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council



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