Conference 4: How film making as a career for the Deaf, Deaf Televisions and distribution

Date: 2020-10-04

4/10/2020 Sun
7:00pm – 8:30pm

*Free admission for the online Facebook live stream
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Moderator: Amy Lau (President of Hong Kong Assoication for the Deaf)

John Wilson (Representative of British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust)

Chen Li-yu (Representative of Listening Eye, TaiwanPublic Television)



John Wilson

John Wilson is a freelance consultant working in the field of Deaf Arts and British Sign Language. He has a wide range of experience as a deaf arts practitioner, a theatre and television actor, a creative signer, and a director of numerous productions ranging from devised performances to BSL translations of Shakespeare. His work as a sign poet and performer has been well received, and John has been part of several projects both in the UK and internationally to promote creative sign through the medium of BSL. John works with several major museums and galleries across the UK, including the Tate Galleries, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, and the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. Since 2017 he has been curator of a programme of BSL tours at the Royal Academy  of Arts – the first profoundly deaf person to hold such a role. He also works as an accredited BSL guide at Hampton Court Palace and Highgate Cemetery and is a Trustee of the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust which makes films and TV for the deaf community in BSL.


Chen Li-Yu

Mr Chen Li-Yu  is a deaf director, born in Changhua,Taiwan; raised in a deaf family with his parents and two younger brothers, they mainly communicate with Taiwan Sign Language. He was the chief executive of the Deaf Media Broadcasting Talent Training Class (聾人影像傳播人才培訓班). In 2001, he won the 23th Brussels Independent Film Festival for the deaf with his self-written and directed video(「新新聽障上班族」) , winning proudly for Taiwan with the First Prize in Deaf Creative Video. He is currently the director of ‘Listening Eye’ (「聽聽看」) by the Taiwan Public Television, and the vice executive of the Taiwan International Deaf Film Festival under the National Association of the Deaf D.O.C(Taiwan).

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