Conference 3: Deafhood and Deaf Film

Date: 2020-10-04

4/10/2020 Sun
11:00am - 12:30pm

*Free admission for the online Facebook live stream
Live Streaming:

Moderator: Amy Lau (President of Hong Kong Assoication for the Deaf)

MJ Bienvenu, Ph.D. 
Anthony Cheung (Hong Kong Deaf Filmmaker)

M.J. Bienvenu  Ph.D.

Consultant, ASL and Bilingualism Consulting, LLC

Retired Professor, MASLED
A legendary ASL teacher and presenter, originally from Baton Rouge, LA, MJ received her BA in English and MA in Linguistics from Gallaudet in 1974 and 1983, respectively. She received her Ph.D. specializing in Linguistics/Lexicography from Union Institute and University in 2003. She is a retired professor of the Department of ASL/Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University. MJ has conducted workshops on topics of bilingualism, ASL, Culture, empowerment, LGBT, -isms, and interpretation.


Anthony Cheung

Hong Kong Deaf filmmaker. Cheung has been a regular participant in the Hong Kong Festival and his films have been shown at Deaf film festivals in Britain, USA, mainland China, Taiwan etc.  In 2019 he succeeded in getting an Arts Development Council (ADC) grant to produce his latest film "Let the Chips Fall" which we are showing in the present 10th edition of the Hong Kong Deaf Film Festival. He believes that Deaf film is not just an intermediate media, but also carries emotions, stories, culture and imagination of the Deaf. All these years, he is continually promoting and supporting Deaf film. His past film works include: Whatsapp & U, Our Basketball Dream and Let the Chips Fall.


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