Conference 2: Sustainability of Deaf Film Festival

Date: 2020-10-03


3/10/2020 Sat
7:00pm – 8:30pm

*Free admission for the online Facebook live stream

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Moderator: Amy Lau (President of Hong Kong Assoication for the Deaf)

Ylva Björklund and Gunilla Wågström Lundqvist
Founders of Stockholm Deaf Film Festival (Dövfilmfestival)

Zheng xiaosan (Sam)
Founder of the Shanghai International Deaf Film Festival

Ylva Björklund and Gunilla Wågström Lundqvist (Founders of Stockholm Deaf Film Festival)

It all got started in 1999 when Gunilla and Ylva meet for the first time. United by their passion for art and films they decided to try to fill this huge gap of cultural events for Deaf people with support from the Stockholm Deaf Association.
The preparations started and during the spring of 2000 the making of Deaf filmfestival became more and more clear. Six month later, the third weekend in November 2000 Deaf filmfestival was released and became a major success.
After this, we’ve arranged this filmfestival another nineteen times. And last fall was our 20th anniversary. This is making us the oldest filmfestival for Deaf and the one to have been arranged most times. During these years we´ve shown over 200 deaf films in all different categories, short films, feature films and documentaries from all over the world.

Zheng Xiaosan(Sam)

Zheng Xiaosan (Sam), the founder of the Shanghai International Deaf Film Festival, is a Shanghai deaf film producer and animator. With the cooperation of a deaf-based team, including deaf actors and photographers, he became the first Chinese deaf director to win an international award. In 2006, he graduated from the Special Education College of Zhengzhou University of Engineering and Technology (Zhongzhou University). It is the only four higher education institution in China that admits deaf students. Sam entered the ancient architecture painting major and obtained a college degree. Sam has worked in the creative industry of art and design. In 2012, Sam entered the Shanghai Xuhui District Amateur University and the Shanghai Theater Academy Continuing Education School to jointly open the art design college upgrade. After graduating, Sam continued to study film media, taught 3D lectures, and served as a training instructor in the special education department of Shanghai Xuhui District Amateur University.Sam can use CSL, ASL, BSL and ISL. Sam is committed to expanding the influence of the deaf, using the plots of film and television and the visibility of documentaries to promote social inclusion and integration. His film and media interests represent the Deaf community including documentaries, animation, music and film biographies. As the preparatory team leader of the Film Festival, Sam actively uses this platform to encourage new and old deaf filmmakers and artists to contribute to society through the power of film and art, and to realize his film and artistic dreams. All sectors of society and mainstream media are welcome to pay attention to the Shanghai International Film and Art Festival for the Deaf, so that everyone can learn from each other and enhance understanding and social tolerance.


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