The 8th Touch Art Festival Online Exhibition II ''Every Month''

Date: 2022-03-14 - 0000-00-00

/8th Touch Art Festival - Every Year, Month, Day/


"Every Month"


Mask wearing, contactless, remote communication, social distancing, and sepiment have become parts of our new normal over the past few years. While social distancing has become the covenant to public health and epidemic prevention, physical touch is becoming a new taboo.


The "accessible facilities" designed to assist the visually impaired in their daily lives have abruptly become an obstacle: stuff like buttons, handrails, braille have all become perilous. Citizens with normal sight can, of course, actively avoid invisible viruses, but how can the visually impaired cope with the new social norm in a short time? Fortunately, the existence of voice systems and instructions remind us that "physical touches" are not limited to fingertips. Although physical contact is forbidden, human connections are not obstructed. When we communicate through our five senses, the world will be reconnected.


Following the first-stage exhibition "Daily" in December 2021, in the second-stage exhibition "Every Month", the 8th Touch Art Festival not only showcases the artworks of five visually impaired artists who participated in the previous show but also features five local artists. Through their intuitive creations using senses beyond visions and their skilled mediums, these artists will touch and dialogue with the world.


/Exhibition ''Every Month''/


Guest Curator: Wong Ka Ying


Lo Keng Chi

Cheung Kai Fu

Peter Chang

Wong Chi Wai (Little Star) Little Star

Yan Wai Lung

Lo Lai Lai


Chu Yin Woo Brian

Chu Hoi Ding

Kan Pui Yan


Online Exhibition Release Date: 14/3/2022

Online Tour Release Date: 20/3/2022

Online Sharings:

/ Every Day, Month and Year- Touch Art Sharing /

Date: 20/3/2022 (Sunday)

Time: 12:00-13:00

Language: Cantonese

Price: Free

Zoom Meeting ID: 848 3287 1574

Passcode: 394543



/ The Design Perception of the Visually Impaired People /

Date: 27/3/2022 (Sunday)

Time: 14:30-16:30

Language: Cantonese

Price: Free

Zoom Meeting ID: 898 0184 4542

Passcode: 569443



/About Touch Art Festival/

CCCD started the first Hong Kong Touch Art Festival in 2013. The festival welcomes the public to extend other senses in creating and appreciating art while crossing the mainstream art form based on visuals. Touch Art provides an opportunity for visually impaired people to appreciate art. At the same time, providing a platform for the public to know about the experiences of people with visual impairment.



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Presented by: Centre for Community Cultural Development

Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

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