CCCD 4th Touch Art Space Exhibition - Exploring Tactile Potentials

Date: 2021-07-17 - 2021-09-25

CCCD 4th Touch Art Space Exhibition –Exploring Tactile Potentials

Exhibit artworks created by participants from touch art public workshop

 For the past 1.5 years, CCCD Touch Art Space has held three themed exhibitions. And now finally, it comes to the forth exhibition. This exhibition differs from the other three because of its extraordinary artworks created by the group of participants from our public Touch Art Workshop. This Touch Art Workshop was designated for visually impaired persons and was not exclusive for art beginners so that we all could enjoy the pleasure of creating art together.

These artworks are not only an output of their hard work but also the creative expressions of making art with different materials such as gaffer tapes, mud, recycled paper pulp, etc. Which concrete outlets of their suppressed emotions, and explore to their hearing, touch, taste, and their souls. 


In this virtualizing society, material objects are all digitized into the light spots on the screen, we lose our sense of reality. We rely a lot on the visual information we receive, and thus, vision dominates our perception and the way of observing objects. But this way of seeing creates a huge gap between humans and objects, we no longer feel with our touch, leaving us with a narrow narrative. In this exhibition, let us change the way of observing, feel the texture of different materials with our hands and reinterpret objects from a different perspective. CCCD hopes that this exhibition can bring you a new experience, and all attendants can get closer to the rawness of art.

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