Programme 5: CODA (A Child of Deaf Adults)

Date: 2020-10-10

Programme 5
10/10/2020 週六 Sat

影片開放時間Films available at: 2:00pm - 5:50pm
片長 Film duration:114 mins


寶麗 Bori

導演 Director: Kim Jin-yu
2018/114’ /南韓 South Korea/ 韓語對白、韓國手語 In Korean with Korean Sign Language  / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles


‘I want to be Deaf.’
Among the family of four, Bori is the only person who does not have a hearing disability. Just 11 years old, Bori becomes the mouth and ears of her parents and younger brother. Bori often feels like an outsider in the family, observing them speaking in sign language and oblivious to the sounds she hears. Bori goes on a journey in hope to “lose hearing” to become one of them, but ends up gaining something unexpected.


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