Training with Delay

Date: 2021-04-16 - 2021-05-01




No more delay! How could we react under the pandemic of COVID-19 without any cancellation of art events? How could we learn and adapt to the changing pace of the puzzling situation? Without any interpersonal interaction, how could we differentiate the issues brought by the delay of the signal online? How could we figure out and tackle the difficulties of staying in separate space?

In the whole series of “Training with Delay” masterclass, we work with different masters starting from April. We have invited Makoto Nomura from Japan, Tim wheeler from England and Bill Aitchison from England for the first batch of the whole series. Stay tuned for more!




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Music and Movement

——Makoto Nomura

Let’s play music. Let’s have fun by creating music with body movement. Nothing is wrong. Anything is OK. Don’t worry. You can create as you like. Music is communication. In remote ensemble through zoom, sometimes communication is difficult. But do not worry. Misunderstanding is also good for creative music. In this workshop, we will do many participatory activities, including singing, body movement, games, instrument-playing, creative music, etc. I also introduce some of my experiences of community music in Japan, Hong Kong, England, Thailand, etc. See you soon!

Date: 2021/04/15, 22, 29(Thur)
Time: HKT 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Fee : HKD 500 
Online Masterclass Via Zoom

Makoto Nomura
Mr Makoto is a pianist, melodica player and composer. His works are composed in both contemporary and experimental styles. He has also conducted hundreds of composition workshops with children, amateurs, old people, etc.Makoto performs in varieties venues, including concert hall, art museum, Sentō, swimming pool, etc. He have been the director of the children music programme “あいのてat NHK TV in Japan. He improvised with melodica and performance with different animals with the titleズーラシアの音楽 in Yokohama Triennale 2005. Other music compositions including CD “瓦の音楽:, “ムラノピアノ” and book release “即興演奏ってどうやるの”. Makoto is one of board members of the non-profit organization “芸術家とこどもたち” and “日本相撲聞芸術作曲家協議会”. Makoto is now the music director of “千住だじゃれ音楽祭”, and the Community Program Director of Japan Century Symphony Orchestra.


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No mud, no lotus: making theatre in the time of Covid

——Tim Wheeler

We are living through extraordinary times. The world is changing rapidly. For many, it has got smaller. More difficult to navigate. Some find change exhilarating. Others find it daunting. But out of hardship, new things grow.

This series of three workshops will focus on theatre used to help construct an image of the future we desire—a world we want, with the things we need.

In hard times we can become resourceful and resilient. Now it is time to be the protagonist of our own lives?

Date: 2021/04/16, 23, 30(Fri)
Time: HKT 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Fee: HKD 500 

Online Masterclass Via Zoom

Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler is an award-winning performance maker. He is a senior lecturer developing international dialogue through theatre. He is the co-founder of Mind the Gap, UK, a theatre company that works with learning disabled and non-disabled artists. He ran the company for 26 years. In the 1990s, he collaborated with Augusto Boal to make Theatre of the Oppressed accessible to disabled artists. In 2008, he developed Mind the Gap Studios, a £2.2m creation centre for disabled and non-disabled artists, which won a CABE Award for exemplary access. He has collaborated with artists in Brazil, China and Hong Kong, Europe, India, Serbia, Taiwan, the USA and Wider Europe.


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Online Workshop: From Research onto the Stage

——Bill Aitchison


This three-part workshop will focus on how to creatively research a topic and then transform that material into something you can perform.

With the ongoing restrictions on live performances because of Covid-19 we have time on our hands. We can use that time to create new shows so that when stages re-open we are ready to perform! Drawing our ideas from things outside of ourselves such as from stories we hear about or topics we are concerned about can be very inspirational but there is usually a gap between what we find when we look these things up online and how they can be best performed on the stage. This workshop will help you to overcome the gap and transform the things you read about into a performance script or score that you can perform.

Date: 2021/04/17, 24; 05/01(Sat)
Time: HKT 10:00 - 11:30 am
Fee: HKD 500 
Online Masterclass Via Zoom

Bill Aitchison

Bill Aitchison is a British theatre director and performance artist based in China. He has presented his shows widely in galleries, museums, theatres and festivals in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and The Middle East, has exhibited in major museums and galleries and his artwork is held in both private collections and museums. He is curator of the Chinese performance platform Last Minute Live Art, holds a practice-based PhD from Goldsmiths College University of London, and teaches performing in Xiamen University.