Opening Ceremony & Programme 1

Date: 2020-10-02

開幕式Opening Ceremony
2/10/2020 週五 Fri


*Free admission for the online Facebook live event: Opening Ceremony & Programme 1: Hong Kong Deaf Film.


(直播將於2020年10月2日晚上7時開始 Live streaming will start on 7pm 2/10/2020)

設有嘉賓分享Guests speakers at the opening ceremony:

黃耀邦Jason Wong (舞聲勝有聲主演 Main actor of The Voice Of DANCE )

張倬豪 Anthony Cheung (一次骰子導演 Director of Let the chips fall)

黃志輝 Jeff Wong (愛無限導演 Director of Boundless Love)



舞聲勝有聲 The Voice Of DANCE (短片版 Short version) 世界首映 World Premiere

聯合導演 Co-directors: Chandrashekar (India), 楊秉基 Yeung Ping Kei, Banky (Hong Kong)
2020/10"/香港及印度 Hong Kong and India/廣東話對白、香港手語 In Cantonese with Hong Kong Sign Language  / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles

電影製作Film Production: BEYOND Bollywood


Voice of DANCE is a dance film about Deaf and Hearing dancers who went on a journey to search for Indian dance vocabularies while they also ran into the national commemoration of Indian national hero Gandhi's 150th anniversary of his birth.  They were inspired to overcome adversity to follow their dreams. It is a locally-produced, multi-scenario, cross-cultural, diversity-focused and socially-inclusive film production with the participation of Hong Kong and Indian artists and the shooting scenes took place in Mumbai and New Delhi.


一次骰子 Let the Chips Fall 世界首映 World Premiere

導演 Director: 張倬豪 Anthony Cheung
2020/23’ /香港 Hong Kong/廣東話對白、香港手語 In Cantonese with Hong Kong Sign Language / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles

雅恩的秘密不為人知, 連她男朋友子朗也不知道。後來她出來社會有一段時間,她卻碰到不如意的事情,亦學會如何開放自己,最後她如何向他交代?

Nga Yan keeps a secret that nobody knows, not even her boyfriend Tsz Long. When she starts working in the society for a while, she does not encounter smooth sailing. She learns how to open herself. But how does she finally explain to him?


愛無限 Boundless Love 短片版 Short version) 世界首映 World Premiere

導演 Director: 黃志輝 Jeff Wong
2020/10’ /香港 Hong Kong/廣東話對白 、香港手語 In Cantonese with Hong Kong Sign Language / 中英文字幕 Chinese and English Subtitles


It is a story about a Deaf (Blue) and a Hard of Hearing (Prince) meeting 2 hearing people (Lucas and Claudia), developing their love regardless of sexual orientation or hearing ability. With love, equality and acceptance, everyone can find love and honor with their courage.


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