Date: 2016-11-17 - 2016-11-20

Minstrels of Soul: Artistic expression as a generator for creative solutions and innovation

In this workshop the authors introduce the basic principles and foundations of the Intermodal Expressive Arts. The arts are seen as an existential in restoring wellbeing, discovering psychic resources and creating hope by overcoming difficulties through the shaping the expression.

Through studio work the participants will establish a healthy relationship with the arts and gain new perspectives. In working with the arts, a perspective into the future is given. The arts serve as a place of discovery, research, improving life quality, accessing resources, and building resilience.

Participants are guided to explore the empowering arts through imagination uniting play, and disciplined inquiry. Special considerations in the practice of expressive arts such as restoration, healing and inter- and transpersonal practice are reflected, including the educational role of beauty and amazement


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陳曉穎小姐  2891 8488/ 2891 8482

Ms. Amber CHAN on 2891 8488/ 2891 8482.


Accredited Professional Training 認可專業培訓課程

Under the following conditions, participants in the following workshops can apply for the EGS credit exemption: (1) Price Adjustment (2) Hand in Assignments

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It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead

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