2017 活動回顧
工作坊 - 美樂活心靈:音樂充權與治療研討會 2017

工作坊A、B、C 、F-I、F-II將以廣東話進行

每個 $500 (early bird / full-time student / vip member / persons with disability)

每個 $600 (non-early bird)


每個 $1200 (early bird / full-time student / vip member / disabled persons)

每個 $1400 (non-early bird)


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Workshop A                    13.11.2017 19:00-22:00
Conducting and Developing a Community Music Group at an NGO Setting: Skills and Practices

Andrew Liu                                     
Forming and hosting a community music group can be a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience for helping professionals working in NGO sector. The present workshop aims to equip participants with practical skills to conduct a community music session, as well as developing a long-term community music group for service users.

Workshop B                    14.11.2017 19:00-22:00
Community Music Therapy with Rehabilitation Population in Local Settings
Kingman Chung and Gloria Leung            
Based on their experiences in leading Hong Kong's first community music therapy choir for stroke survivors, Mr Chung and Ms Leung will share their rationale, methods, findings and challenges in their work, as well as their visions in establishing more community music therapy programmes for patients undergoing long-term rehabilitation. Through interactive demonstrations, workshop participants can experience a variety of interventions which the music therapists designed for stroke clients’ motor, verbal and social-psychological needs.

Workshop C                    15.11.2017 19:00-22:00
When Words Are Not Enough: The Use of Music for Inner Peace
Cat Chau                                        
Music Therapy is a unique modality in psychotherapy approach to stimulate positive changes in psychological, physical, cognitive, or social functioning of individuals with health issues. This workshop includes experiential exercises to explore how intervention by music can lead to health and self-awareness for people struggling with mental health challenges.
Our voice, body and mind are all connected. The workshop will explore how music and art help stress release and conflict transformation in daily life to find an inner peace. The tools might be voice, body, sounds from the nature, or musical instruments. During the workshop we will play together, sing together, experience together for reaching all the possibilities in you.
Participants are not required to have any musical background.

Workshop D                    16.11.2017 13:30-20:00
Music For The Soul
Peter Moser                                   
What is the change we want to see?
Over a 6 hour practical hands on workshop we will
Consider issues of personal and community change
Gain new understanding of the concept of Sense of Place
Discuss the politics of participation
Develop action plans to move our own work forward
Reflect on academic research and how it influences our work
Musically we will make beats, sings songs, invent new pieces.
Play as band and share our passions for music in the widest sense.

For 10 years Pete Moser has been visiting Hong Kong to develop projects, deliver training and perform.
In this workshop he will share his passion for community music and it’s power to change people and places.

Workshop E                    18.11.2017 14:00-20:30
A Path for Emotional Well-Being
Barbara Dunn                                 
This workshop will explore music therapy as a treatment modality and as an integrative tool with non-music approaches to therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness practices, and Somatic approaches. We will look at this integrative approach in private practice and medical settings, with a focus on manifestations of anxiety and depression. Participants will also learn about ways they can incorporate music into their practice. We will explore the use of music as a tool for achieving and maintaining emotional health and wellbeing. This will touch upon self-awareness and self-care of the therapist. The workshop will include a mix of didactic and experiential learning.

Workshop F – I                18.11.2017 14:00-17:00
Color Music for Everyone: Theory and Tasting
Stella Ho                                     
Color Music is an effective tool for everyone, including children and people with special needs, to interact with music in an approachable way. The two experiential workshops offer participants a valuable opportunity to understand music through Dalcroze Euhythmics and play music on instruments using Jeannette Barentsen-Geelhoed’s color system.
In the first workshop, participants can experience their very first taste of Color Music. Stella will introduce the essential components of Color Music and we will perform Color Music ensemble all together. Participants will engage in a meaning discussion on how music is related to our daily lives and how one can be musical and appreciate music even without any formal musical training.


七色音樂導師Stella Ho

Workshop F – II               18.11.2017 17:30-20:30
Color Music for Everyone: Trainer’s Workshop
Stella Ho                                  
The second workshop includes experiential exercises for participants to learn more about the Printed Color Stave and how to cater to people with special needs through Color Music, including musical adaptation and creative/therapeutic musical interventions. Participants will be invited to discuss how music can help to enhance a better self, such as fostering communication, as well as personal and social development in life.
Workshop F – II is an advanced course of F – I. It is recommended that interested parties enrol the two courses held on the same day.


Workshop G                    19.11.2017 13:30-20:00
Music Therapy for Heart, Mind and Spirit
Jodi Winnwalker                       
This workshop will explore how music therapy may be used to address the needs of the whole person- Heart, Mind and Spirit. Participants will learn about best practices in the United States with a focus on the use of music for brain health and rehabilitation. Techniques drawn from approaches such as Neurologic Music Therapy, Humanistic Psychology, Systems Theory and Wellness Models will be presented. Participants will be invited to engage in singing and songwriting, music and imagery, movement to music, group drumming and musical games.  This workshop also offers opportunities for didactic learning, video clips and group discussions. Join us with a “beginner’s mind” and readiness to engage!

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